The Creativity of Place and the Place of Creativity – Emily Macrae

The Creativity of Place and the Place of Creativity – Emily Macrae

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On an October morning in 2014, I found a community at Critical Creativities: Policy, Performance, Diversity and the Arts in the GTA, a research workshop hosted by the University of Toronto’s Religion in the Public Sphere Initiative.

The Agency of Art and a Dualistic Reality: Film as Hierophany Through Subject/Object Confusion – Julie Reich

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In a segment of the article Film as Hierophany, Michael Bird discusses French philosopher Mikel Dufrenne’s theological examination of culture and the relationship between art and reality. Particularly, Dufrenne introduces the notion that an intrinsic ‘transcendence’ is embedded within the core of reality, namely a Real underlying the real (Bird, M., 8). Accordingly, the Real implores ‘disclosure’, art is the expressive mediator and an encounter with this facet of the Real is an aesthetic experience that directs the spectator “beyond the level of reflection to the level of feeling” (Bird, M., 8). In effect, a transformation from a “phenomenological analysis of aesthetic experience…to an ontological or transcendent analysis” occurs (Bird, M., 8). In particular, feeling is described as uniquely independent from ‘presence’ and thereby indicates a shift in the subject’s attitude (Bird, M., 8); a transformation extracts a new outlook.