The Federal Election, Godtalk and One’s Conscience – Lindsay Ann Cox

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Introduction: Talking About All the Wrong Things

One of the things I love about this blog and about my area of scholarship in general is that we not only engage but revel in discussing and debating ‘all the wrong things.’ As a child growing up in a rather traditional English family not only was I meant to ‘restrict my comments to the weather or keep quiet’ when feeling dodgy, but also to ‘never speak about politics or religion in polite company.’ It is safe to say that, as a grown adult, if I have something negative to express I could care less about the subject of meteorology and my personality near forbids me to keep important issues of conveyance to myself. Furthermore, I have devoted my life to the interaction of religion and politics (in that order) and I, like others who contribute to and read this blog, am enthralled by the study and progression of such important matters as ‘religion in the public sphere.’ And so it is with this small preface that I am using my opportunity to blog to say something about the upcoming federal election. So here we go…

Reality TV, reality me. – Rebekka King

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This blog post begins with a confession: I love reality television, like really love it —in fact, I might be addicted. As is often the case with graduate students, when I like something, it is for the selfish reason that it reminds me of my project. That’s right! Reality television makes me think about my research on contemporary liberal Protestants. Specifically, it reminds me of the ways that Evangelical Protestant conversion rhetorics are mirrored in non-evangelical environments.