Link Roundup for October 15-17

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  • reports that the Vatican, in an apparently self-defeating move, requested that the French first lady not meet the Pope for fear that it would draw attention to her previous career as a semi-nude model.
  • BBC News reports on children’s rights activists’ opposition to the plan to ordain 2,600 boys on the 2,600th anniversary of the Buddha’s enlightenment.
  • CNN has an interesting video about Hip Hop and the Church.
  • CNN also has a video about a billboard calling Christians “jerks.”

Link Roundup for Sept 1-19

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I must begin by apologizing for the lack of updates from the roundup this summer. There was certainly much of interest happening, which hopefully you’ve been able to keep up with through other outlets.

  • BBC News reports on the healing of deacon Jack Sullivan, via prayer to the beatified John Henry Newman. New saint on the way?
  • BBC News also reports on the escalating conflict between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia.
  • CNN has an op-ed by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on the topic of “What’s Right with Islam?”
  • CNN has an op-ed from Stephen Prothero about distinctions regarding the Quran burning.

Link Roundup for May 21- May 31 2010

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  • The Montreal Gazette has an op-ed (unattributed) about the government’s take on the naqib.
  • The Montreal Gazette also reports on the rhetoric against “multiculturalism idiocy” by a radical secularist.
  • The National Catholic Reporter’s Bill Tammeus has an op-ed about the irrelevance of the US Supreme Court justices’ religion. CNN has an op-ed on the religion of the justices’, too.
  • reports on the misunderstandings and misinterpretations surrounding “Everybody Draw Mohammed” page on facebook. CNN also comments. CNN also has an op-ed about a series of stick figures labeled Mohammed at the Harvard campus.

Link Roundup for April 27 – May 20 2010

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  • Montreal Gazette reports that over half of those polled in the European Union oppose the presence of the veil in public schools.
  • Montreal Gazette also reports on the opposition to the new required ethics course in Quebec, which has taken the case all the way to the Supreme Court.
  • CBC reports that – in response to the cleric’s claim that women’s immodest dress has caused earthquakes – women have started a campaign of cleavage on facebook.

Link Roundup for April 19-26 2010

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  • Slate has an interesting article about why so many terrorists are engineers.
  • CBC reports on a Canadian mayor’s reconsideration of the status of a Sikh parade due to some of the floats and historical figures honored.
  • Guardian reports that an Iraqi cleric blames women for recent earthquakes.
  • The Associated Press notes the split in the Supreme Court about the policy of a Christian organization at a public university to not allow non-Christian and homosexual members into its ranks.