RB Radio Hour – Episode Two

RB Radio Hour – Episode Two

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In this episode of the Religion Beat Radio Hour, co-producers Christopher Cornthwaite and Judith Ellen Brunton are joined by Khalidah Ali in a three-part discussion: the theme of suffering in John Green’s best-selling novel, Ali’s own Religion Beat article about the shape of liberal critique in today’s popular discourse on Islam, and racism and Islamophobia in American politics.

Reality TV, reality me. – Rebekka King

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This blog post begins with a confession: I love reality television, like really love it —in fact, I might be addicted. As is often the case with graduate students, when I like something, it is for the selfish reason that it reminds me of my project. That’s right! Reality television makes me think about my research on contemporary liberal Protestants. Specifically, it reminds me of the ways that Evangelical Protestant conversion rhetorics are mirrored in non-evangelical environments.