‘The Blair Up There’: A Report on the Blair-Hitchens debate – Nick Dion

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Last Friday, I had the privilege of attending a sold out debate between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and renowned New Atheist Christopher Hitchens at Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall. One of several such debates organised across North America in the last few weeks by Blair’s Faith Foundation – his post-retirement project – the evening promised to be a rollicking good time and a chance to observe how we can think about religion outside the university. So after fighting my way through a few dozen protesters with their chants of ‘Tony Blair, war criminal’ and passing the metal detection test – security was steeper than I had expected! – I settled in to my seat.

The Loss of the Centre: New Atheism Versus Religion Today (Part 2) – Lindsay Ann Cox

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[Note: Part 1 of this article was published on this blog Aug. 9th, 2010. It remains on this site; please scroll down and or check the Blog Archive to read it. Thanks!]

PART 2 – Necessary Middle Ground